It’s unscientific to take a bath after an empty stomach or full of food

It is an unscientific life habit to take a bath after an empty stomach or full of food.

When bathing on an empty stomach, the heat in the human body is transmitted to the body through water and consumed. The body’s demand for energy is increased. At this time, the glucose level in the body’s blood is low, which can not meet the body’s demand for energy, resulting in dizziness and even fainting and shock caused by low blood sugar. In addition, when people are on an empty stomach, their resistance to changes in the outside temperature decreases, which is also easy to cause colds.

After a full bath, the activities of the stomach and intestines increase. To assist digestion, a large amount of blood is concentrated in the stomach and intestines. If you take a bath at this time, a large amount of blood will flow to the limbs and body surface, resulting in the reduction of gastrointestinal blood, affecting digestion, and may cause dyspepsia. Moreover, due to the lack of blood flow in the brain, bathing after satiety can also easily lead to anoxia in the human body: 1. Dogs can make people dizzy or even comatose.


People with hypoglycemia in particular need to avoid bathing on an empty stomach. High blood pressure, coronary heart disease patients in particular to avoid full bath.

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