Although the fruit is good, you should also pay attention to these

Although it is often said that eating tomatoes is good for the health, many girls may not be able to eat a tomato of that size and often can't finish it. So many girls may choose to eat another kind of tomato, which is called the little tomato's Saint fruit;

But in fact, although this kind of sacred fruit is also a good fruit for human body, and even its edible value may not be inferior to that of tomatoes, you must pay attention to the following items in the process of eating.

fruit is good

Note 1: the virgin fruit should not be eaten on an empty stomach

May often see a lot of girls do not eat dinner, often buy some fruit to eat, as the main food, so as to solve a meal. In fact, they may not be able to save money or eat, but many girls are afraid of getting fat, want to lose weight or keep a good figure; but the fruit of the virgin fruit needs to be careful when eating, absolutely remember not to eat when your stomach is empty. This is due to the fact that there are many pectin substances and xylenol in the fruit, which will react with the gastric acid in your stomach after entering the human body and generate some insoluble substances, which will cause your stomach pain or upset;

Note 2: cleaning of the sacred fruit

Cleaning fruit is also a very key link, otherwise you may not be able to eat fruit nutrition many times, but lead to your eating fruit eating problems. During the growth of the fruit, pesticides are also used for care. Therefore, pesticides should be removed during cleaning. In addition, there is a layer of oil wax on the surface of the fruit, which can be soaked and cleaned by adding some soda powder. After cleaning, the fruit is really safe and healthy, making you eat more safely.

Therefore, the female friends who usually buy the sacred fruit to eat must pay attention to these two matters, and do not choose the wrong way to eat, otherwise it may be harmful to your health.

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