Balanced diet: “eat well” is more important

Balanced diet is the basic principle of nutrition. Balanced diet is also called balanced diet, which refers to the diversification of diet, the complete variety and sufficient quantity of nutrients, the proper proportion of nutrients, the balance between the heat energy and nutrients provided by diet and the needs of the body, so as to improve the absorption and utilization of various nutrients and achieve the purpose of reasonable nutrition. In short, balanced diet is to ensure a comprehensive, balanced and appropriate.

The so-called “comprehensive” refers to the comprehensive intake of various nutrients, which is the basis of a balanced diet. There are seven categories and more than 40 categories of nutrients needed by human body. One or a few kinds of food alone cannot provide all the nutrients needed by human body. For example, egg is a kind of food with comprehensive nutrition. It is rich in high-quality protein, lecithin, cholesterol, B vitamins, etc., but it contains very little vitamin C and dietary fiber. If you eat scrambled tomatoes and eggs, you can supplement these deficiencies to achieve comprehensive nutrition. This is a simple example of a balanced diet. Therefore, it is required that people’s diet should be as wide as possible, and the types of food they eat every day should be as many as possible. Attention should be paid to meat and vegetable, thickness, main and auxiliary food collocation, as well as flowers, fruits, roots and stems, so as to be conducive to comprehensive nutrition.

The so-called “balance” refers to the relative balance between the intake of various nutrients and human needs. Men’s musculoskeletal strength needs a lot of protein and calcium, athletes need a lot of high-energy food, and some patients need a lot of vitamin C to alleviate the disease and promote rehabilitation. Men’s needs for food and nutrition vary with the time of the day, the seasons of the year, the pace of life and work, and the adaptation to different environments. For men, if the intake of nutrition is too little to meet the needs, unhealthy nutrition diseases may occur; if the intake is too much, it is not only a waste but also a burden on the body, resulting in excessive nutrition diseases. It’s very meaningful to set up a weight scale at home and observe the weight change frequently as a reference for adjusting intake.

The so-called “appropriate” means that the proportion of various nutrients should be appropriate, and the reasonable diet should be formulated on the basis of comprehensive and balanced. The composition of human body elements and the requirement of various nutrients under different conditions of human body are matched to a certain extent. Only the matching that meets the human body’s needs is conducive to better absorption and utilization. Too much or too little will affect human health. For example, the elderly diet suitable for low salt, low sugar, low fat, high protein, high cellulose, high vitamins. In addition, it is necessary to take regulatory health food properly.

Only by ensuring a balanced diet and reasonable nutrition can we promote our health better.

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