Do you often like spicy food? But remember not to eat at this time

Do you usually like spicy food? Maybe some female friends in the north, or in the mainland, usually have no spicy food. You will feel bored or have no appetite without chili;

But today's editor may want to remind you that if you are in the period before going to bed at night, you'd better not eat too much food with such spicy taste.

spicy food

Because eating too much spicy food before bedtime may affect your sleep

Crayfish, barbecue food, and a series of delicious night food may often be chosen by many female friends when they are hungry at night; However, some of these foods are usually spicy, and they are made by adding chili powder and other condiments, because they may promote the appetite of the human body and make you eat more. However, if you eat too much spicy food in the evening, it will lead to difficulty in falling asleep. Because eating too much spicy food will easily cause your body to burn or get excited, reduce your sleepiness, or further reduce your sleep quality, make you sleep badly, or lose sleep;

So usually like to eat spicy female friends can pay attention to, before going to bed at night must remember not to eat too much spicy food;

In addition, there may be a kind of food you should also touch less before going to bed, that is, wine. It is estimated that there will be no girl sex friends may think that a drunk solution to thousands of worries, when you go to bed at night to drink a little wine can make you more easily fall asleep. But in fact, the effect of alcohol is just numbing your nerves, which may not be so good for your brain consciousness, or even keep your brain excited. In this way, it will make it difficult for you to have deep sleep, which will lead to your poor sleep.

Therefore, female friends must pay attention to reducing spicy food or drinking before going to bed. When they are hungry, they can make a glass of milk to drink. They can fill in their stomachs and help them sleep.

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