Don’t go back to sleep

The elderly like to exercise in the morning. Sometimes, because the time to get up is too early, many people like to go home and sleep. This practice not only affects the effect of morning exercise, but also is not conducive to health.

There’s also a big harm to the recovery consciousness

In the morning exercise, people’s breathing speed, heartbeat speed and cardiopulmonary function are enhanced, which is conducive to delay the occurrence of coronary heart disease, hypertension, emphysema, cor pulmonale and other diseases. If one more sleep after morning exercise, it is not good for the recovery of cardiopulmonary function. In addition, people usually sweat when they do morning exercises. If they get into the bed again, they will catch cold easily because of the sweat.

In addition, sleeping back to the cage will disturb people’s work and rest rules, cause brain biological clock disorder, and cause & ldquo; bad sleep in the day, not sleep at night & rdquo; conditions, but also cause slow response, poor memory, prone to alarm and other symptoms.

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