Drinking coffee can really help us live longer!

Does drinking coffee really make us live longer? Recently, two research reports published in the Annals of Internal Medicine magazine gave a clear answer: coffee does make us live longer!

In this study, nutrition expert Donald Hensrud from the Mayo Clinic said that drinking coffee is good for the health of the body. In one study, researchers found that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of people dying from various diseases; In one study, researchers studying African Americans, Japanese Americans, and Latinos and Caucasians found that high coffee intake may significantly reduce the risk of death in these groups.

Both studies confirm that coffee is good for your body, and that people who drink coffee do not manage the side effects of caffeine; Hensrud said that it is generally believed that drinking coffee is not healthy and that the side effects of coffee may be limited Consumption of coffee by some people, side effects caused by coffee such as insomnia, gastroesophageal reflux disease, urinary system diseases, such as frequent urination and urgency, etc. If too much coffee is consumed, it will also cause the body to feel nervous and anxious .

However, from a health perspective, these two studies are consistent with many other studies that shed light on the overall health benefits of coffee. Related, such as general liver disease, liver cancer, Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, etc., and even coffee intake can improve mood and reduce the risk of depression in the body.

Although the latest research is inconclusive, if the individual consumes coffee, it will not bring any adverse side effects; therefore, we have no reason to reduce the consumption of coffee. Instead, we should enjoy the “pleasure” brought by coffee. As well as beneficial health effects.

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