Expel toxin, exude youth charm from root

For women, time is always cruel, especially for those who do not take enough care of their bodies. Aging begins inadvertently: feeling exhausted all day long, accompanied by headache, constipation, memory decline, depression, insomnia, obesity, yellow complexion, wrinkles and other annoying symptoms. The root cause of all this is: toxin. Toxins in the body are the source of human aging

We live in a world full of toxins. When we accidentally breathe air, drink water and eat, we also eat toxins. In addition, there are endogenous poisons such as the imbalance of yin and Yang caused by life pressure, mental tension, excessive use of brain, and unsmooth emotions, the blockage of Qi and blood, and the accumulation of poison and fire. These toxins enter all organs of the human body. Although in a certain period of time, our body will try its best to protect itself from the toxins, and try to clean them out, when more and more toxins have exceeded the load of the metabolic cleaning system, more and more toxins will accumulate in the body.

Moreover, these persistent toxins in the body will continuously invade our endocrine, blood, circulation, metabolism, sebaceous and hair follicle sweat glands and other systems, affect the normal metabolism of the human body, invade the body surface, cause skin pigmentation, roughness, color spots aggravation, acne, wrinkles, and accelerate the aging of the human body.

In view of this, what we should do is to do everything possible to eliminate toxins in the body and restore health and youth.

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