How about garlic in summer?

According to the book of agriculture in the Yuan Dynasty of China, garlic is the best food for summer, especially meat in the north. &It means that eating garlic in summer can not only increase nutrition, improve appetite, but also prevent and cure various diseases.

Disease prevention

Hot summer is the season of acute bacillary dysentery and acute enteritis. Eating several cloves of raw garlic every day can effectively prevent the occurrence of acute bacillary dysentery and enteritis. When meningitis is prevalent, often eating vinegar soaked garlic is helpful to prevent the onset of the disease. When influenza is prevalent, in addition to raw garlic or vinegar garlic, raw garlic can also be mashed, added with 10 times of water, and the juice can be used as a nose spot, which can also play a preventive role. According to the latest research, eating raw garlic often can also prevent gastric cancer, because the occurrence of gastric cancer is closely related to the presence of Helicobacter pylori (HP) in the stomach, garlic has the effect of inhibiting and killing HP.

garlic in summer
garlic in summer

Cure disease

When suffering from acute bacillary dysentery, take several cloves of Purple Garlic raw per meal, which has auxiliary therapeutic effect. In addition, using 10% garlic solution enema to treat refractory chronic bacillary dysentery also has a certain effect. When suffering from acute enteritis, mash several cloves of garlic, add a cup of vinegar and take it evenly, 2-3 times a day, with good effect. When suffering from hyperlipidemia, we often eat raw garlic, which has a certain reducing effect on the elevated cholesterol, so it can prevent and treat atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease.

It should be pointed out that garlic has a strong smell and irritant, which has adverse effects on stomach, liver and lung. Therefore, the principle of proper consumption should be grasped.

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