How do you eat breakfast? Girls remember to eat as little as possible

A year’s plan lies in spring, and a day’s plan lies in the morning. Morning is a very important time of the day, so sometimes it’s very important to eat something in the morning. Breakfast is still to be eaten. It’s very harmful if you don’t eat it. Some people also know this, but sometimes they may eat wrong, which will lead to some physical problems.

Xiaobian knows that many people who like light food will like to eat some porridge in the morning, and then add some small dishes and so on. I feel that it’s very comfortable.

In fact, there is no big problem. Eating porridge in the morning is also good for the human body, but in the selection of small dishes, some people may make mistakes.

For example, many people may choose pickled dishes

Some female compatriots who come from the countryside or prefer different tastes of vegetables and want to lose weight sometimes don’t choose those stir fried vegetables, because they think that the vegetables are still oily or greasy and uncomfortable to eat; They also don’t choose some calories or foods that are more likely to lead to fat intake, such as meat, eggs, etc.; they often like those pickled vegetables that are light and have a good taste, such as pickled radishes, cucumbers, etc;

But Xiaobian wants to tell female compatriots that these foods may be harmful to your health in the morning. Because often pickled food will contain more nitrite, and there is a substance that is not conducive to human health, called dopamine. These substances will enter the human body in the morning, which may cause some gastrointestinal problems, or damage the human liver system.

Therefore, in fact, there are many choices for breakfast. If you like the combination of porridge and vegetables, you should try not to choose pickled vegetables. You still have many other choices, and you don’t need to worry about the fattening of breakfast. In fact, you can eat a better breakfast.

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