How to nourish men with spleen deficiency

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the spleen is the source of Qi and blood. After birth, all viscera and organs depend on the essence of water and grain formed by the spleen to nourish, so the spleen is called the foundation of postnatal;. Spleen plays a very important role in the digestion and absorption of food, so almost all gastrointestinal diseases can appear or be accompanied by spleen deficiency.

[principle of tonifying] for men with spleen deficiency, they should mainly nourish the Yang and move the spleen. They should eat more warm and spleen strengthening foods, such as japonica rice, lotus seed, euryale seed, eel, silver carp, carp, hairtail, shrimp and other aquatic products. Yam, jujube and lotus seed are rich in starch, easy to absorb, and have the function of strengthening the spleen and Qi. In terms of meat intake, they should choose fish meat with fine fiber.

men with spleen deficiency
men with spleen deficiency

[dietotherapy plan] drink more yam congee, jujube congee, crucian carp soup and carp soup on the basis of daily nutrition balance.

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