How to row off the back pain

It has been reported in the medical field that about 20% of the world’s people suffer from back pain for a long time. Sitting, standing, abnormal posture, abnormal exertion and long-term ambush work will cause back injuries. For the treatment of lumbago, massage can get immediate effect, but this method is only to treat the symptoms and not the root. Many people are optimistic about using the method of increasing back muscle ability to eliminate back discomfort. There are many methods of exercise, the most effective one is rowing, which can relieve and eradicate back pain.

There are many limitations to participate in rowing, but we can simulate rowing at home to exercise the back muscles, which is commonly known as “rowing a roller boat”. It has two major functions for the fitness people:

(l) It can not only increase the strength and endurance of muscles, but also effectively improve the physiological activity of muscles and fascial tissue of the back. It has a good recovery effect on old and new injuries.

(2) During the & ldquo; rowing on a roller boat & rdquo; exercise, there are many muscles involved, and the oxygen consumption is increased, so the breathing and blood circulation are increased, which is of great benefit to improving the physiological function of the human body.

Its technical requirements:

Open part of the body straight, feet open. Lean forward from the hip, lean back and chest, look up and look forward, and lift your hands forward (such as holding the oars of a rowing boat).

Practice part: hands from front to back (such as pulling oars).

Exercise points: lean your body forward and move your hands from front to back (about 50 times).

Practice time: once every night. ,

Exercise function: it is a comprehensive exercise for cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra and back muscles. It can relieve many problems of neck and back, and it is a good exercise method for middle-aged and old people’s back pain.

The following aspects should also be paid attention to when rowing a dry boat:

(1) General warm-up should be carried out 3-5 minutes before each movement, so as to ensure full movement of the back and waist without injury.

(2) The strength of each stroke should be arranged in the order of small, medium, large, medium and small.

(3) Always change the way you stroke and record how you feel.

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