I often fart because I eat the wrong thing

Many people will feel awkward when it comes to farting. Actually, this is a normal physiological reaction. However, if you often fart is too stinky, you should pay attention to it. It may be caused by gastrointestinal dysfunction caused by irrational diet.

Farting is actually the intestinal exhaust. It is the result of intestinal bacteria’s metabolic activities. It is mainly the gaseous metabolites such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen, methane, indole and hydrogen sulfide, which are produced during the fermentation and transformation of various nutrients. These substances accumulate to a certain extent, and after sufficient pressure is formed, they are discharged from the intestine.

often fart
often fart

Everyone knows that not all farts are smelly. In fact, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, methane and other gases are formed after the decomposition of complex carbohydrates. These gases are odorless.

The main culprits of stinky farts are indole and hydrogen sulfide. They are gases produced after fermenting animal foods such as protein and fat. These metabolites not only have a foul odor, they are also toxic. These gases can corrode the intestinal wall, reduce the intestinal barrier function, increase permeability, and allow toxic substances in the intestine to enter the bloodstream, thereby endangering human health. In addition, these gases can cause cytotoxicity and genetic mutations, thereby increasing the risk of cancer.

So, if you often smell bad exhaust, be vigilant! This shows that your diet may be unreasonable. If you take too much animal protein and fat, you will not be able to digest and absorb it at all, leaving a large amount of intestinal bacteria in the colon, which will eventually be transformed into toxic metabolites and gas.

In this case, you need to greatly reduce the intake of animal foods and increase the intake of grains, especially coarse grains. When the ratio of food and meat entering the colon is reasonable, the intestinal bacteria’s fermentation activities will not produce toxic gases.

Consumption of whole grains is conducive to establishing intestinal flora balance. When you eat every day, you must realize that the food you eat is not only to meet your needs. Food that you have too late to digest or absorb will enter the colon to cultivate intestinal bacteria. What kind of food is left for intestinal bacteria determines what kind of bacteria you can cultivate. Do not cultivate toxin-producing, disease-causing “bad wolf” bacteria in your intestines, then your body will be restless!

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