Is bone soup calcium supplement highly recommended by the older generation?

When you ask some elders who have raised children, if your child wants to grow up, what food should be given to him at ordinary times, perhaps the most frequently heard answer is bone soup.

Bone soup can be a relatively low-cost food, and many times mothers will choose to supplement their children with nutrients. Is such a bone soup really helpful for your children's growth?

Xiaobian doesn't think it's to deny the nutritional value of bone soup today, but in fact, it's possible that bone soup has a very limited role in helping children grow up.

bone soup calcium supplement

Bone soup is more likely to help your child gain weight

In fact, although there are more calcium substances in the bone, such calcium will not be dissolved in the soup after stewing. In many cases, your child actually cannot supplement calcium after drinking such bone soup;

More bone soup will contain some fat substances, which may be more helpful for children's body to gain weight. Therefore, many times after children drink bone soup, they will gain weight in more cases, but may be less helpful for their height;

In addition to bone soup, there are also many mothers who are superstitious about scientific formula of milk supplements.

Now with the development of food science and technology, there are many ways to extract some food nutrients and add them to some milk powder. Many mothers often feel that it's particularly troublesome to supplement their children with various nutrients. So, it may be more convenient to drink some of these milk for their children, and many nutrients will be added Material can be added to;

But in fact, it is not good for children to drink these formulas for a long time, which is easy to bring direct burden and pressure to their kidneys.

In general, moms need to be aware of this when it comes to feeding your children.


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