It’s good for middle-aged women to eat more fresh vegetables

Vegetables are necessary food for human body, because they provide several important substances necessary for human body. As the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of internal medicine says: “five dishes are the best”, it has pointed out its importance. It means to supplement and perfect. &”If you don’t eat green for three days, you will see stars in your eyes”. This folk saying has made it very clear that if you leave vegetables, you will get sick. As in almost all proverbs concerning longevity, there are suggestions for eating more vegetables.

eat more fresh vegetables

In the past, people relied too much on tonics in order to maintain their youth and beauty, but Dr. klester, an American professor of Dermatology, believed that carotene could prevent skin aging by cultivating human skin cells. The doctor advised people to eat more yellow and green vegetables instead of ginseng every day to prevent aging.

At present, cancer has plagued the whole world, but there is an interferon inducer in more than ten kinds of fresh vegetables, such as crispy and sweet radish, tender bean sprout and loofah, which can resist virus infection and inhibit tumor. This is the conclusion of the Institute of virus research, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medical Sciences after six years of research. Interferon is an important substance to improve the human body’s resistance. Normal human cells contain interferon gene, which can produce interferon under the stimulation of inducer and play the role of anti-virus and anti-tumor. Therefore, vegetables containing interferon inducers may have anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. However, some interferon inducers may lose their function due to the damage of high temperature during cooking. In addition, vegetables also provide a large number of enzymes, organic acids, chlorophyll, etc., which have some inhibitory effects on cancer. However, the anti-cancer effect of polysaccharides in edible fungi is more certain. To do this, the American Cancer Institute recommends eating vegetables and fruits at least five times a day. The U.S. Department of health also prescribes a recipe for people: a glass of orange juice in the morning, a lettuce and tomato salad at noon, fruit or carrot as snacks in the afternoon, cauliflower and other vegetables for dinner, and fruit or juice at night.

Zhu Danxi’s “Ru Dan Lun” said: “if the rice is sweet and light, the virtue of the soil is also good, and the material is Yin and the most nourishing, but it goes with the vegetables. &”So why do we have to eat rice as well?”? There’s an acid-base balance here. Because rice noodles, fish, shrimp and eggs are acidic food, while vegetables and fruits are alkaline food, in order to maintain the acid-base balance of human body, the acid-base food should be consumed in the proportion of 1:4, otherwise, the imbalance will occur.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there are differences in the performance of vegetables due to different sources and edible parts. Among them, most of the vegetables are cold and cold in nature, with the functions of clearing heat and removing boredom, facilitating defecation, resolving phlegm and relieving cough as the most common; a few of the vegetables are warm in nature, which can play the role of dispersing cold in the warm, appetizing and eliminating food. Therefore, middle-aged women should eat more fresh vegetables to protect their health.

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