Many people have this habit after lunch? But it’s not good for you

How do you do it after lunch every day? Maybe different people have different choices. For some female friends, sometimes they will also be influenced by some elders at home. They often choose not to take lunch break immediately after lunch, but to make a pot of tea first;

Tea is a kind of health drink that can help your body to refresh, and if some female friends can’t have a lunch break at noon, they will want to refresh their bodies and force their brains to stay more awake.

habit after lunch

So sometimes, they will deliberately brew tea with high concentration to drink after lunch, because such tea may be more helpful for you to refresh yourself;

However, Xiaobian should tell you that such a practice may be particularly harmful to your health. This is because under the effect of strong tea, it will be easier to make your body more difficult to absorb after it enters your body, because some nutrients, such as protein, and other substances such as iron, will also be affected because you often drink strong tea, making your body more difficult to absorb these substances;

In fact, after lunch, you should take a lunch break. Even if you don’t have a chance or time to take a lunch break, but you also need to create an opportunity to take a nap, or you can choose to take a nap, so it’s OK, and it’s helpful for your body’s state adjustment;

In addition, you can also choose some ways to adjust your body after lunch. For example, you can choose to stretch your waist, exercise your muscles a little, or you can choose to use the way of tiptoe, because you may need to sit often at ordinary times, so some of these ways can also help your body digest and relax your body muscles.

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