Menstrual diet notice

During the period of menstruation, women's body will be affected to some extent, such as the weak resistance, emotional volatility and so on. In addition, women will lose blood due to menstruation, which will lead to the loss of iron in the body, especially those with excessive menstruation. Therefore, menstruation in addition to avoid overwork, keep the spirit happy, in the diet should pay attention to conditioning.

Menstrual diet

1. Do not eat raw and cold food: according to traditional medicine, if blood gets hot, it will work; if it gets cold, it will stagnate. During menstruation, if the diet is cold, one will hinder digestion, and the other will easily lose Yang Qi of human body, which will lead to internal cold and cold stagnation. It can make the menstrual blood run not smoothly, resulting in too little menstrual blood and even menstrual pain. During menstruation, it is better to eat hot and warm food. In winter can also eat a bit of beef, dog meat, chicken, Guiyuan isotherm supplement to eat, but menstruation is too careful to eat dog meat.

2. Do not eat hot and sour food: Women's menstrual period, often feel particularly tired, digestive function weakened, poor appetite. In order to maintain the nutritional needs, fresh food is the best diet. Fresh food is not only delicious, easy to absorb, but also less nutrient damage. The best way to make food is to be light, eat less or not fried, hot and sour food.

3. Eat more iron supplements: iron is one of the essential trace elements of human body. It not only participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin (heme) and many important enzymes, but also plays an important role in immunity, intelligence, aging, energy metabolism, etc. During menstruation, women usually lose 30-100 ml of blood, and the blood contains iron. Therefore, it is necessary for women to supplement food rich in iron and conducive to absorption during menstruation. Fish, animal lungs, lean meat, animal blood, soybeans, spinach and so on are rich in iron. Women should eat more.

It is worth mentioning that all kinds of animal blood, not only rich in iron, but also high-quality animal protein, is a cheap and delicious period health food, which is worth promoting.

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