Middle aged women often eat fish in good health

Since ancient times, fish and human have made an indissoluble bond. As far back as the primitive times, our ancestors lived by fishing and hunting. Fish is the main source of human protein.

Fish, people like to eat, not only delicious, and very nutritious. Fish is a kind of food with high protein and low fat, and it contains many trace elements, which is difficult to compare with general food.

First of all, fish is an ideal source of complete animal protein with high nutritional value. Fish contain about 15% – 20% protein, which is abundant in protein and easy to digest and absorb. According to analysis, light amino acid depends on more than ten kinds of amino acid, and also contains rich taurine. It is found that taurine can strengthen the function of heart circulation system and liver, and is beneficial to nervous system. Nocturnal animals such as cats like to eat fish, which may be related to the intake of enough taurine.

Secondly, fish contains about 1% – 10% fat. Although it is animal fat, most of it is unsaturated fatty acid, which is fast in metabolism, easy to decompose, and does not accumulate in the body. Fish fat, especially fish liver fat, is rich in vitamin A and D. In addition, glycopentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in shellfish fat can prevent arteriosclerosis and heart disease. As early as 1970, Danish scholars found that the proportion of heart disease in Eskimos was very low, but there were a lot of animal fat in their food. After investigation, it was found that the blood fat of Eskimos contained a lot of eicosapentaenoic acid, which proved to be related to food. The conclusion was that they ate more fish. In addition, modern medicine has also confirmed that many fish and shellfish have anti-cancer effects.

In addition, fish is the most abundant food with nucleic acid. Modern medicine has proved that the loss of nucleic acid in human cells is the root of human aging. Nucleic acids in human cells are always sufficient before the age of 20. After puberty, nucleic acids in their own cells often deteriorate or consume and are not enough. As a result, wrinkles and age spots appear on the face, the hair becomes white, hair loss and baldness, the body is prone to fatigue, memory loss and other aging phenomena. There are many reasons for these phenomena, among which the decrease of nucleic acid content in cells is one of the main reasons. And eat more fish can supplement the nucleic acid that the human body loses continuously, make the cell of human body healthy and full of vitality thereby. Modern science has proved that in order to maintain the vitality of cells, the human body needs to ingest 1000-1500 mg of nucleic acid every day. Under normal conditions, the nucleic acid contained in the diet is only hundreds of Mg. Therefore, Dr. Frank, a famous American doctor, suggests that people eat the aquatic food with the richest nucleic acid content, which can increase the daily intake of each person, so as to prolong the life of human beings Longevity.

women often eat fish

Although eating fish is good for human health, we should pay attention to:

No eating raw fish.

The so-called raw fish is to cut the raw fish into thin slices and eat them raw with soy sauce, vinegar, sweet sauce, sugar, onion and other condiments; the raw fish porridge is to put the raw fish slices directly into the hot porridge for consumption; some people try to make the fish dishes fresh and tender, which makes the fish not cooked or steamed thoroughly. The above methods of eating fish will make people who eat fish infected with fish parasitosis. Therefore, the raw fish should not be eaten. At least boil the fish for 20 minutes or steam it for 30 minutes before eating.

Do not eat contaminated fish

Industrial waste water and pesticide will pollute the water in the ditch, which will pollute the fish in the water. People will be poisoned if they eat the polluted fish.

Eat less salted fish.

There is a certain relationship between salted fish and the occurrence of NPC. For example, the incidence of NPC in Hong Kong and Cantonese who prefer salted fish is 70 times higher than that in the rest of the world. The reason why salted fish can cause NPC is that part of the protein in salted fish will decompose secondary amines, while secondary amines and nitrites will have chemical reactions under acidic conditions to produce carcinogenic nitrosamines.

Don’t eat burnt fish

The reason is that the fish can be carcinogenic after being burnt. In addition, if the fish is burnt, the high molecular protein will split into low molecular amino acids and form mutagenic chemicals.

It is not allowed to eat fish gall
, which contains bile toxins and other toxic substances. The amount of toxic substances is similar to the effective dose of disease treatment, so there are accidents of poisoning and death caused by swallowing fish gall.

Do not eat improperly processed fish

Some fish, such as blue skin and red meat fish, contain more than 30 kinds of histamine. When the histamine taken by human body exceeds 100 mg, it may cause allergic food poisoning. Among them, the allergic food poisoning caused by siluba, Ciba and tuna is the most common. Therefore, when eating the green skin red meat fish, first remove the internal organs, wash and cut the sections, then soak them in water for several hours, then cook them in brown sauce or steamer, do not fry or fry them, especially pay attention to the green skin red meat fish that is not suitable for eating.

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