People with bad spleen and stomach should eat less of these two kinds of food

Why are some female friends prone to the problem of turning yellow? In fact, most of the time, it’s because of the problems of their spleen and stomach system. When their spleen and stomach functions are affected, their facial skin and complexion are often affected by this, which may turn dark yellow and turn yellow, which may make you a lot of people hate it The “yellow face” of;;

Today, Xiaobian is going to share with you some foods that are easy to cause damage to the body’s spleen and stomach functions of female friends and are not conducive to the body’s spleen and stomach. These foods may be what many female friends like to eat at ordinary times.

eat less of these two kinds of food

Food 1: Duck

Do some female friends usually like to eat some chicken or duck meat? Because such white meat may be more healthy for your body, and it will be less likely to cause your body obesity;

However, it is possible that such foods will often hurt your spleen and stomach, especially duck meat. This is because duck meat is a kind of cold food. In this way, some female friends who are not good at spleen and stomach will often eat duck meat, which will aggravate the problem and make the spleen and stomach weaker;

Food 2: snail

Is it possible that some female friends are particularly fond of such a kind of aquatic food as snails? Maybe they would like to order such a kind of food when they gather at a barbecue stand in summer, or they would like to eat it at ordinary times, which is crispy and delicious;

However, such a snail may also damage your spleen and stomach functions. This is because it is also a kind of cold food. Sometimes some female friends may often have diarrhea or stomach discomfort due to eating this snail. In fact, because their spleen and stomach are relatively cold, eating a snail will only aggravate the original condition.

Therefore, for such two kinds of food, female friends in daily life should pay more attention to it, and can eat it in proper amount, but if your spleen and stomach are not good, you should try to eat less or not.

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