People with noise pollution should eat more protein food

In the cities of our country, noise is pervasive, and urban noise pollution has already become a major public hazard of urban environment. Urban noise mainly comes from vehicles, airplanes, trains and other means of transportation. According to the World Health Organization, noise pollution has become a serious problem affecting people’s health and quality of life. After research, it is found that when the indoor continuous noise exceeds 30 decibels, people ‘s normal sleep will be disturbed; if people live in the environment with continuous noise exceeding 70 decibels, people’ s hearing and health will be affected; if they live in the environment with noise above 80 decibels, the deaf can reach 50%. Most of the office workers live in prosperous cities, and are one of the main victims of urban noise pollution.

Noise is harmful to human health in many aspects. First of all, noise can cause ear discomfort, tinnitus, earache and hearing loss. Secondly, noise will bring people negative psychological effects, affect people’s normal sleep and work, so that people feel fidgety, depressed, and affect work efficiency. Finally, noise can also damage cardiovascular, nervous system, and even lead to increased incidence of coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction.

Some people think that the “ion channel” in the auditory cells can distort the sound in the inner ear. Ion channels can convert sound into electrical signals and transmit them to the brain. When the sound is distorted, people can find the sound they want from the noise. However, it was found that it was a protein called hard protein, rather than the traditional ion channel, that kept the auditory cells intact and made the sound distorted properly in the inner ear. This protein can help people to distinguish sound and understand the content of conversation, and eliminate the noise from some directions.

protein food

Therefore, in order to eliminate the harm of noise to the body, we should not only follow the doctor’s instructions to take a certain amount of medicine, but also keep away from the noise pollution place, find a quiet place, and pay attention to more protein supplement in the diet, while millet is the one with higher protein content in grains, especially the tryptophan content (202 mg / 100g). Tryptophan has the effect of calming and sleeping. In the noise environment, the consumption of B vitamins in the body is very large, so eating more millet rich in B vitamins can reduce noise damage, improve hearing and prevent hearing organ damage.

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