These three eating habits, you should avoid

It is said that people eat food for the sky, showing the importance of food for people's lives. In addition to eating to satisfy people's appetite, eating scientifically well, it is also very good for our body.

However, you may have seen articles forwarded by the elderly in the circle of friends. Various health articles have made all kinds of foods fascinating, and they are also very particular about eating. What foods should be eaten, what foods should not be eaten raw, and what foods should not be eaten with other foods.

The information in some of the articles is not correct, there is no scientific basis at all, and we have brought a lot of pseudo-science health knowledge to our elders. Today we are talking about three common eating habits in the circle of elders.

eating habits
Misunderstanding 1: Eggs and soy milk can not be eaten together

This is really an old growing issue. From my kindergarten to working for many years, I still hear the rumors that soy milk and eggs can not be eaten together. Can eggs and soy milk be the same? The truth is this.

The answer is yes. There is currently no evidence that the two cannot be eaten together. Trypsin inhibitors in soy milk do inhibit protein absorption, but as long as the soy milk is cooked, the trypsin inhibitors are destroyed and the egg protein is not affected.

Remember that soy milk must be cooked and may cause diarrhea. Eggs with soy milk, animal protein with plant protein, which is conducive to nutritional complementarity

Misunderstanding 2: Eating crabs does not eat persimmons, foods are opposite each other.

In the golden autumn season, it is a white day to eat a few fat crabs. Autumn persimmons are also good things. However, the article said that crabs and persimmons are gram, and eating together will cause diarrhea. Old people also always say that food is alive and well, and you have to be careful when eating.

In fact, eating crabs will not be like a persimmon. It is a nonsense to talk about food. There is no scientific basis. Professor Zheng Ji, one of the pioneers in biochemistry and nutrition research, has experimented with 14 kinds of legendary "phases" of "banana and taro", "peanuts and cucumbers", and there are no rumors that food should be present. .

People eat some food to cause discomfort, not because the food is related to each other, mainly for the following four reasons: bacterial infection, lactose intolerance, allergies, and own diseases.

Misunderstanding 3: Egg yolk cholesterol is high, eat less

For eggs, many people have an incorrect understanding. Some people think that the egg yolk in the egg contains a lot of cholesterol. First of all, most of the nutrition of eggs is in the egg yolk, and cholesterol itself is also an essential nutrient for the human body.

The medical profession has done a lot of research to prove that each egg does not increase the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease. If you don't eat eggs or just eat egg whites and don't eat egg yolks, you may lose a lot of essential nutrients such as vitamin A, calcium, and lecithin.

Today, I talked about three eating habits that have been widely spread in the circle of friends. After reading it, everyone should know that these three are rumors. Next, if you have the opportunity, let me talk about other eating habits.

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