What are the dietary taboos for middle-aged men

Compared with the careless eating of Hesse when they were young, middle-aged men should realize that some of their bad eating habits may need to be corrected and abandoned. Let’s see what needs special attention in the diet of middle-aged men.

1. Avoid overeating

&The middle-aged men should be able to maintain the minimum calorie limit in their diet, so that they don’t eat too much food, but they are full. It’s enough to eat to seven or eight points.

2. Avoid drinking too little water

Water is one of the six nutrients. Three quarters of human tissues are made up of water. Lack of water will reduce the amount of blood circulation, speed up pulse and respiration, reduce the function of digestive organs, and cause constipation. Therefore, middle-aged men should drink more water, especially a cup of warm boiled water after getting up in the morning, which will be more conducive to the body cleaning of the gastrointestinal tract and promoting waste excretion.

dietary taboos for middle-aged men
dietary taboos for middle-aged men

3. Avoid partial food

Every kind of food has its nutrition, which provides the nutrients needed by the human body, so that the acid-base required by physiological activities in the body can be balanced to avoid the occurrence of diseases. If middle-aged men eat only some foods more often, and keep a distance from other foods all the time, it is bound to make the acid and alkali in the diet lose balance, thus causing diseases.

4. Avoid too much sugar

Sugar is one of the sources of human energy. 70% of the calories of human activities are supplied by sugar, but the health impact of too much sugar is also very obvious. The occurrence of cardiovascular disease in middle-aged men is closely related to the excessive intake of sugar. If the intake of sugar exceeds a certain standard, the cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood will increase, leading to cardiovascular disease and obesity.

dietary taboos for middle-aged men

5. Avoid greasy food

After the middle age of man, the animal fat can only be eaten in proper amount, and should not be too much, because these neutral fats contain saturated fatty acids, which are easy to combine with cholesterol, making them deposit on the blood vessel wall, thus causing arteriosclerosis and inducing coronary heart disease.

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