Women drink too much to hurt themselves, but drink too little to be happy

Xiaobian has met many female friends at the dinner table. Although they are female, they are not inferior to men. They drink freely and freely in the wine market. They are heroines among women. Just Xiaobian would like to ask them, isn't this wine harmful to people's health? Xiaobian has seen many people die of cirrhosis due to excessive drinking. But now women have businesses and have to drink.

However, Xiaobian found that many centenarians drink more in their diet, so is this drinking good or bad?

As the saying goes, "when you drink a little, you'll feel good, but when you drink a lot, you'll hurt yourself." so it's not too much to say that people drink alcohol to a certain extent. For wine, it can best reflect the scale of a person's work. For example, many centenarians make their own wine. Some drink yellow wine, while others drink white wine, but they all have a unified habit, which is: drink a little every day, and they won't burst one day.

Women drink too much to hurt themselves

But now people are different. They drink wine bottle by bottle to kill the white wine, beer and red wine, so it is very harmful to the body, especially the liver. Don't think your liver is very strong. If it is damaged, its metabolic function will be weakened. Although only 30% of the liver is not necrotic, the 30% of the liver is still able to maintain a person's normal operation, so if you wait until your body has an accident to regret it, then everything will be late.

Since people are proud of the fact that drinking alcohol can hurt their bodies, why does it have the effect of health preservation? The ancients once said that "wine is the essence of five grains, so they thought that all medicines can be used" and the meaning of this sentence is that wine can connect people's whole body, so it can be used as the medium of medicine. It turns out that wine has the function of promoting blood circulation, so people can dredge their meridians by drinking a little to their stomachs every day, so as to achieve the effect of conditioning their bodies.

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