A cup of green tea with tonic and diarrhea

Since ancient times, Chinese people have the habit of drinking tea. Especially in the hot sun, when it’s hard to be in the heat, a cup of green tea can quench the heat and quench the thirst, just like jade brewing Qiongjiang, which is wonderful. In compendium of Materia Medica, tea is called “bitter taste, sweet taste, cold nature, non-toxic”, while traditional Chinese medicine theory holds that “sweet is the tonic, bitter is the purgative”;. Tea tastes bitter and sweet, so it has both tonic and purgative effects. It is a good medicine with bitter and cold nature and can clear away heat and detoxification at the same time.

Not only that, tea also has many effects. The vitamins and elements in tea can protect blood vessels, prevent arteriosclerosis and hypertension. The fluorine contained in tea can prevent caries and help desensitize teeth. Therefore, gargling with tea after meals can play a role in protecting teeth. Tea and licorice can also be used to treat stomach pain, abdominal distention and diarrhea. Black sugar tea can also relieve constipation. The specific brewing methods of two kinds of tea are provided as follows:

1. Licorice tea pill

Materials: 300g bud tea, 15g sandalwood, 15g cardamom, 3 G tablet brain.

Method: grind the above materials into fine powder, use licorice as the coat, and chew when the stomach hurts.

2. Black sugar tea

Ingredients: 3 G tea, 5 g brown sugar.

Method: use boiled water to brew the above materials for 5 minutes, and drink them after a period of time.

But although tea is good, but also to drink well, in order to play its role, otherwise it will lose. Here are some bad times for tea.

Fasting: drinking too much tea on an empty stomach will hurt your stomach.

Before going to bed: tea has refreshing effect, which will affect sleep.

When taking medicine: because the ingredients in the medicine and the substances in the tea may interfere with each other’s absorption, it is more appropriate to deliver the medicine with boiled water.

After a full meal: tea contains a lot of tannic acid, which will combine with protein to form tannic acid protein. This substance will weaken the intestinal peristalsis, thus prolonging the retention time of food residues in the intestinal tract, and then cause constipation. Therefore, you can rinse your mouth with tea after a full meal, but don’t drink tea immediately.

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