Two ways of detoxification

&"Stop eating" is not to eat nothing, but to fast solid food and replace it with clear water. It can't enter into the situation immediately. It needs to have "reduced food" before eating and "re eating" after eating. Everything should be done step by step, otherwise it will only have negative effects. Let's introduce two simple and feasible ways to stop eating and detoxify.

One day fasting

One day fasting method is to cut off eating for one day after a certain period of time.

The interval time should be shortened gradually when one-day fasting is implemented. It can be implemented once a month at the beginning and once a week after two or three months.

1. Improved weaning method

The so-called "improved fasting method" means that you can take a small amount of food during the fasting period. For example, rice soup, clear soup, honey and so on.

2. Cut off rice soup

Rice soup is not only delicious and nutritious, but also can avoid the general fatigue and mental restlessness caused by regular food break, and has a certain protective effect on gastric mucosa. Therefore, the method of cutting off rice soup is very suitable for people with weak gastrointestinal function.

Specific practice: first use brown rice to cook porridge, then remove rice dregs, that is, rice soup. Or directly use brown rice powder, cooked, do not go to the dregs, that is, rice soup.

You can choose the way according to your hobbies. Each meal can use 25 grams of brown rice, boil a bowl of rice soup. If you like it a little thicker, you can use 30g brown rice. Drink with a small amount of salt or sugar. Three meals a day.

3. Clear soup

The clear soup is delicious and nutritious. In the process of fasting, there is seldom a strong sense of hunger, and some even insist on working as usual, as if there is no fasting. Specific measures: first, put 10 g kelp and 10 g dried mushroom into 550 ml water and boil, wait until the juice is fully fried, then take out kelp and mushroom, only leave clear soup, then add 20 g soy sauce, 30 g black sugar or honey, and drink all before cooling. Three meals a day. During the fasting period, one to two liters of pure water or tea should be drunk every day, and no other food should be eaten.

4. Cut off honey

This method is simple and easy to use, especially honey is sweet and delicious.

Specific method: use 30-40g honey each time, dissolve and dilute with 350ml water, and then drink. Three meals a day.

It is suggested that on the second day after each fasting, the normal diet should not be restored suddenly, but should be reduced to about 70% of the normal diet to avoid damage to gastrointestinal function. If possible, it's best to eat something easy to digest, such as porridge. In particular, it should be noted that before and after the day of fasting, it is absolutely forbidden to overeat.

2、 Fasting on the first two days of the month

If one-day fasting method is considered to be carried out once a week, the interval is too short to be persisted for a long time. Then, we can extend the interval appropriately and choose the method of fasting on the first two days of the month. That is to say, the first two days of each month are regarded as the day of fasting. If we can insist on such a method for one year or so, it will also have obvious effect.

It is difficult to adopt the "regular fasting method" when the first two days of the month are used. It is better to choose the "improved fasting method";.

Different from the one-day fasting method, it is necessary to adjust the amount of food to 50% of the normal on the day before the two-day fasting method is implemented. On the first day after the fasting, the amount of food should also be 50% of the normal. On the second day, it will rise to 70% of the normal. On the third day, the normal amount of food can be restored. If not, it will damage the gastrointestinal function.

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