After autumn, detoxify first and then supplement

Experts in traditional Chinese medicine remind us that the toxins in the body should be eliminated within one month after autumn to remove obstacles for tonic treatment, and then corresponding tonic measures should be taken.

Many people often stay up late with heavy heat poison, which leads to yin deficiency and fire. In addition, the weather is hot, the external heat causes internal heat, and a lot of heat poison accumulates in the body, most of which have the symptoms of bitter mouth, red eyes and yellow urine.

Expert tips: winter melon, Luffa cool, has the role of nourishing yin and clearing heat. You can add some white gourd or Luffa to the stew, except for a small amount of salt, no ingredients need to be added. People with severe symptoms of heat poisoning can also take 10 grams of Coptis chinensis or 10 grams of honeysuckle fried water, and those with mild symptoms can drink 3 grams of fried water of cordgrass and Tongcao respectively.

When the weather is hot, people with deficiency of temper are more likely to suffer from severe heat and dampness. Many people will appear dizzy, fever, nausea, anorexia, a little activity after fatigue.

Expert advice: yam has the effect of Tonifying the spleen and kidney, you can drink some yam porridge sooner or later; you should eat less oil and meat heavy food; keep the room dry, and choose a cool and ventilated environment. In addition, it can be used to drink 10 grams of decoction of Huoxiang and Peilan, which have the effect of clearing away heat and dampness, as tea, or it can be used to drink 61 powder (6 parts of talcum and 1 part of licorice) as water.

&"Heroes of the winery" although it's hot and humid in summer, many men still push their glasses for another one. It's a pleasure. Some men also like barbecue. This is also the main cause of heavy heat and humidity. Over time, there will be frequent urination, urgency of urination, yellow urine, dry stool or loose stool.

Expert advice: Coix kernel rice, Euryale rice porridge, has the effect of clearing away heat and removing dampness. Chixiaodou porridge can relieve the drenching, improve the frequency and urgency of urination. In addition, you can drink 10g rhubarb and 10g Phellodendron in water.

Like sweating, stagnation of Qi and blood stasis, hot weather and gas consumption in summer, sweating injures Yin, which leads to Qi deficiency, yin deficiency and poor blood circulation. Often expressed as depressed, depressed spirit, feeling chest tightness, love sigh.

Expert tips: Astragalus 30 g, angelica 10 g stewed duck soup, can effectively improve the blood and Qi. In addition, cauliflower has the good name of forgetting worry grass. You can eat more at ordinary times.

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