Three delicacies for beauty and detoxification

Stewed spareribs with kelp and konjak

&Kelp is rich in seaweed glue, which is an excellent anti pollution food. It can combine with carcinogens in food and take them out of the body. Kelp is also the leading alkaline food. Konjac and kelp have similar detoxification effect, and can effectively reduce blood lipid and blood sugar. Pumpkin can reduce blood sugar and prevent constipation. These three kinds of food are cooked together with spareribs, which can absorb fat and cholesterol in meat, replenish nutrition and keep skin fresh and intestines unobstructed.

&Tip: the amount of kelp, konjac and pumpkin is obviously more than the amount of spareribs, which can have the best effect.

Mushrooms, asparagus, corn shoots

&Asparagus is a famous anticancer vegetable, which is rich in cellulose and can effectively promote the discharge of intestinal waste. Corn shoots are rich in xylan and arabinoglycan, which can not only promote intestinal peristalsis, but also wrap and combine the pollutants in food to help them to be discharged from the intestinal tract. In addition, Lentinus edodes contains fungal polysaccharides to improve immunity. This dish can be called the meeting of soluble dietary fiber, insoluble dietary fiber and active polysaccharides in food, which can effectively improve the anti pollution ability of human body.

&Tip: don't wash the mushroom repeatedly. After washing, use a small amount of water to boil it, so as not to lose the precious fungus polysaccharide.

Porridge with pine kernel, barley and glutinous rice

&Pine nuts are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which not only can nourish the deficiency, but also can moisten the lungs and smooth the intestines. Barley and rice are not only rich in cellulose and hemicellulose, but also rich in soluble dietary fiber such as beta; glucan, which can help to reduce blood sugar, prevent hyperlipidemia, and promote the discharge of pollutants in food. Glutinous rice also has a certain nourishing effect, and its glutinous feeling can partially make up for the rough taste of barley. The combination of pine nuts, barley and glutinous rice can nourish the body, prevent constipation and eliminate pollution. If a small amount of wolfberry is added, the color will be more pleasant.

&Tips: pine nuts need to be added earlier, and the combination of oil and rice can improve the aroma of porridge. If there is no glutinous rice, it can be replaced by japonica rice.

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