Anti cancer food doesn’t fight cancer, because mom ignores these

As we all know, tomatoes are rich in nutrition, but also very famous anti-cancer food. Eating more is good for your health. But many people do not know how to eat to achieve the anti-cancer effect, eating raw is not necessarily the best.

Anti cancer food

Tomatoes are rich in the nutrients needed by the human body. Lycopene can effectively prevent uterine cancer, bladder cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer. Many people think that eating raw is the most nutritious, tomatoes are washed and eaten directly. But in fact, lycopene and protein in tomatoes are combined, surrounded by cellulose, which is difficult to be absorbed by human body. Therefore, the correct way to eat tomatoes is to heat them up, but control the vitality in the cooking process. Warm fire is the best way to keep nutrition, and heat the lycopene out. Only in this way can the eating method be anti-cancer.

Anti cancer food

Garlic is also the king of cancer prevention, but in fact, allicin is the hero. Eating raw or warm food has no effect, because allicin is eliminated before it is produced. The right way to do this is to slice or mash the garlic, put it aside, let it touch the air for 15 minutes, and the combination of garlic and oxygen will produce allicin. Garlic will taste in your mouth, but it can help digest and clear your intestines. It’s really a good food. It’s easy to remove the taste. When you chew hawthorn, peanut, apple and tea, it’s tasteless.

There are also some food taboos, not everyone can eat. For example, Ganoderma lucidum, winter bamboo shoots and laver have the effect of reducing phlegm. Cancer patients are better not to eat them. Loofah, fern and aloe have the function of promoting blood circulation, and cancer patients should not eat them. Walnuts strengthen Yang, cancer patients can not eat, eating walnuts will worsen, so that the mass becomes larger. Lemon nourishing Yin, but cancer patients will eat the swelling edema, aggravating the condition.

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