Do you understand the taboo of menstruation?

When a girl’s body develops, her menstruation follows, which means that the transition from a little girl to a big girl begins. We have decades of menstruation in our lives. During menstruation, we should keep in mind the taboo of diet, or we will suffer from dysmenorrhea and premature aging.

There are several types of foods that must not be eaten during menstruation:

1. Cold food

Watermelon, pear, banana, cucumber, water chestnut, popsicle and other frozen food and drink, the body is weak and afraid of cold, eating this kind of food is not conducive to the discharge of menstrual blood, easy to cause menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms.

2. Spicy and irritant food

taboo of menstruation

Pepper, pepper, pepper, clove and cinnamon are spicy and irritant foods, which are easy to cause excessive menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

3. Too sour food

For example, lemon, sour plum, vinegar and other acidic foods have astringent effect. In traditional Chinese medicine, eating these foods during menstruation is not conducive to the discharge of menstrual blood, which may lead to dysmenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

4. Blood activating food

During menstruation, it is not suitable to eat the food of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. The female body is discharging blood. The food of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis will increase the amount of menstrual blood and prolong the menstrual period, making the female body more empty. Such as alcoholic food, as well as Angelica boiled eggs.

5. Fried food

taboo of menstruation

Women in menstrual period had better stay away from fried food. If they can stop eating at night, they will quit. The oil content of fried food is very high, it is more difficult to digest during menstrual period, which increases the burden of stomach and intestines, and fried food contains carcinogens. During menstrual period, women’s body will be very sensitive. Eating fried food will stimulate skin metabolism, and easily lead to acne, acne, folliculitis and other problems, affecting skin condition.

Having said so many taboo foods, let’s also talk about the foods that are good for the body during menstruation.

Green vegetables, like spinach, are rich in vitamin E, which can relieve dysmenorrhea symptoms. Pumpkin is rich in zinc, which can reduce oil secretion and skin problems during menstruation. Cauliflower and carrots are rich in vitamin B6. Proper eating can relieve the fidgety mood and stabilize the menstrual mood. Before menstruation, we should take some legumes to relieve hunger.

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