Bad habits and “sub-health state”

If you often have unexplained headache, dark eyes, weakness of limbs, insomnia, restlessness and so on, and you can’t find any disease when you go to the hospital, it is likely that your body has fallen into what people usually call “sub-health state”;.

&”Sub healthy state” is very harmful

This kind of state between health and disease can make people feel very bad, which has a great impact on work and life. In the final analysis, the & nbsp; & sub-health & nbsp; is caused by the following bad living habits:

1. After a long period of stress, it causes excessive mental tension.

2. Frequent smoking, drinking or irregular work and rest.

3. Often be stimulated by bad mental and psychological factors, and do not make timely and correct mental adjustment.

4. The pollution in the living environment causes physical discomfort.

The best way to prevent & ldquo; sub-health & rdquo; is to adjust your lifestyle, correct your bad work and rest habits, ensure the nutrition of three meals a day is reasonable, and face life with a positive attitude, so that you can avoid falling into & ldquo; sub-health & rdquo.

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