Digestive sleep

In general, it’s better not to go to sleep after meals, because just after eating, the stomach is full of food, and the digestive function is in motion. At this time, sleeping will affect the digestion of the stomach.

Good sleeping posture helps digestion

The sleeping posture of human body can be divided into supine, prone and side lying. Comparatively speaking, side lying is a better posture. When lying on one’s side, the spine often bends forward into an S-shape, and the limbs are easy to put in a comfortable position, which can relax the muscles of the whole body. The reason why we choose to lie on the right side is that the position of the heart in the chest is to the left. If we take the position of lying on the left side, the heart will be compressed. When sleeping on the right side, the pressure of the heart is less, and the mouth of the stomach leading to the duodenum and the small intestine leading to the large intestine is opened to the right side, which is conducive to the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the liver is also located in the right upper abdomen. When lying on the right side, it is in a lower position. Blood can supply more liver, which is conducive to digestion of food and metabolism of nutrients in the body.

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