Be alert to the Youth Killer of middle-aged people: it is obesity

There is an idiom to describe the rich physique and open-minded life attitude of middle-aged people & mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; broad-minded and fat & rdquo;. However, in fact, it is not a gratifying thing for a man to get fat in middle age. Middle aged men with waistlines of more than 90 cm have crossed the warning line of abdominal fat accumulation. The excess nutrients are synthesized into thick fat that accumulates in the abdomen of men, and some of them are deposited on the intestinal wall and internal organs of men. Over time, such men are prone to various chronic diseases. We know that obesity is the precursor of hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and acute and malignant cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. For example, men with excessive waistlines are four times more likely to develop diabetes than those with normal waistlines. On the other hand, 80% of the patients with type 2 diabetes belong to those whose waistline exceeds the standard, and the longer the time of exceeding the standard, the higher the probability of disease. In addition, the larger the waist circumference is, the higher the risk of hypertension. If a man's waist circumference is enlarged at the age of 20-30, the incidence of hypertension is twice as high as that of a man with normal waist circumference at the same age; if his waist circumference is enlarged at the age of 40-50, the incidence of hypertension is 50% higher than that of a man with normal waist circumference at the same age. In addition, middle-aged obese men are more likely to have atherosclerosis, and the probability of sudden cerebral hemorrhage is 3-6 times of those with normal waist circumference. In today's society, more and more young people just say goodbye to their youth, they have set up the "General belly" which is not consistent with their age. This phenomenon must be paid attention to.

To recognize the above problems, we must find out the culprit of middle-aged men's obesity. The following are the causes of middle-aged men's obesity. Only when we recognize these problems can we have corresponding solutions.

1. Decrease of basal metabolic rate

Basal metabolic rate is an indicator of the basic energy demand for maintaining human function, and its decline is the main cause of middle-aged obesity in men. As long as the adult male is over 25 years old, the basic metabolic rate of human body will decline year by year, with an average decrease of 2% - 5% every 10 years. According to this calculation, the basic metabolic rate of 40 year old men is only about 80% - 90% of that of 25 year old men. At this time, if we want to control the decline of basic metabolic rate, we should reduce the standard of heat intake and maintain regular movement. But the problem is that many middle-aged men are busy expanding their careers at this time. They are not only lack of exercise at ordinary times, but also eat and drink for social intercourse. In the long run, excess calories are accumulated in the body, resulting in obesity.

2. The diet is too greasy or the food is too delicate

Middle age is the peak of many men's career. Their communication and social activities will be much more special. Many dishes at the banquet pay too much attention to delicacy and taste, and they are too greasy, which belongs to high calorie food. This kind of food into the middle-aged man's body will also promote the formation of fat.

Youth Killer of middle-aged people

3. Decreased exercise

When men enter middle age, their physical strength will be lower than when they are young, so their sports will gradually decrease. And this is the peak of their fat accumulation. Busy career, unscientific eating habits and the reduction of exercise volume, the speed of human body's heat consumption is lower than the speed of adding in calories, so it's hard for men to lose weight naturally.

4. Chronic diseases

Because of the above reasons, a considerable number of obese middle-aged men have various chronic diseases, and the drugs used to treat these diseases tend to make obesity more serious. For example, insulin in the treatment of diabetes can reduce metabolism and cause water retention in the human body. Steroid drugs in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and asthma also have the same problem, making patients fatter.

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