Black fungus recipe! You don't have to worry about how to eat black fungus

Black fungus may have been seen by all of us. Of course, this is the black fungus for eating. It's a kind of vegetable. Many female compatriots also like to eat black fungus. They often buy black fungus to stir fry or stew in the market.

But you may also find that black fungus is often accompanied by other food to eat together will be better, if you simply eat a large plate of black fungus, you may feel greasy after eating. So what should black fungus be paired with to eat? If it's not suitable, it's afraid to violate some food taboos and so on.

Don't worry. Today, Xiaobian introduces two kinds of food that are more suitable for eating together with Auricularia auricula, and the nutritional value of eating together is higher!

The first food, jujube

Maybe many girls know that red dates are good things. They can nourish blood and Qi by eating them often, so they often eat red dates at ordinary times. In fact, red dates can also be used with black fungus. It is usually to add some dates to the black fungus stew, which will make your stew taste more delicious. At the same time, the mixture of the two will not cause excessive reaction, and even help you better maintain your body and help your chest development;

The second food, cucumber a 6033 a 60201

Cucumber is also a kind of vegetable known to female compatriots. Whether it is used for eating or for dressing, it has a good effect. You can choose to mix some cucumbers with the black fungus when you are ready to fry it. The combination of cucumber and Auricularia auricula also has no conflict effect. The combination of the two can also play a better role. They can make women in the period of weight loss achieve a better slimming effect, because it can help inhibit fat generation and promote metabolism.

The above two kinds of collocations are often used to match edible black fungus, so when you want to eat black fungus, you don't need to worry about what to buy. You can choose to match the two kinds of food to try.

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