How much do you know about the efficacy and function of blueberries?

There is a kind of small blue fruit, which is called blueberry, which is rare and rarely eaten. Many female friends may be familiar with it, but many people have more impression on it from chewing gum, blueberry chewing gum is very popular, sour and sweet is very delicious;

But what’s the edible value of this kind of blueberry? Let’s introduce it to you.
function of blueberries

First, eating blueberries can relieve eye fatigue

Now the young people come out, basically wearing a pair of glasses. High tech electronic products and some bad eye habits lead to more and more people prone to vision problems and eye fatigue. Many people may know that things like wolfberry and carrot can help protect their eyesight. In fact, blueberry, a small fruit, can also help improve the eyesight of the human body; This is because blueberry has a lot of anthocyanins, which are very beneficial to your eyes. They can enhance your eyesight, relieve fatigue, and reduce some vision problems and eye diseases;

Second, eating blueberries can also help women beautify themselves

This may be the reason why many female friends are not unfamiliar with blueberry, because you may often hear the word blueberry in the suggestions of some female websites or friends. The anthocyanin in blueberry can not only help the human body to protect the eyesight, but also help the female friends to maintain the skin and make the skin more healthy and beautiful; This is because anthocyanin can improve the antioxidant capacity of skin cells, keep cells alive and resist the invasion of bacteria or viruses after entering the human body. Therefore, blueberry is also a good skin care food for women.

The above two functions are the outstanding edible value of blueberry. Actually, blueberry also has many functions. You can eat some blueberries to take care of your body.

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