Brain health, related to walking posture

This topic may surprise you, but please be sure to believe that bad walking posture will indeed affect the health of the brain. Bending, bowing, inside and outside are not only ugly but also killer of brain health!

Good walking posture to relieve fatigue

Brain health, related to walking posture

When walking, the seven meridians and eight veins of the whole body will move together. Raising your head and chest is conducive to the blood flow of the whole body and brain. That is to say, raising your head and chest can give your brain a chance to rest. While the walking posture with chest and stoop makes the body’s meridians not well dilated, and the body’s oxygen supply system will also be affected. Spinal problems caused by poor walking posture will be reflected to the brain, making the brain in a state of tension. If this tension is not relieved, it will cause brain fatigue and affect night sleep.

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