Proper care and use of contact lenses

In addition to the selection of appropriate contact lenses, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of contact lenses. If the cleaning and maintenance are not done well, improper use will not only reduce the service life of the lenses, but also cause damage to the eyes.

Be sure to wash the lenses by hand. Just like the general dirty clothes, if they are not scrubbed, they can't be cleaned directly by washing machine. The contact lenses must be scrubbed by hand for more than 30 seconds to achieve the cleaning effect.

Replace the contact lenses according to the specified service life. In the perfect way of cleaning and maintenance, there will still be a little microorganism left on the lens. Even if it is not often used, the lens material will become old after the specified period. At this time, it should be discarded and replaced to avoid eye injury.

Proper care and use of contact lenses

Lenses should not be stored in normal saline. Physiological salt water has no bactericidal effect. It is used to preserve the lens, which is easy to breed bacteria and cause eye infection.

Deproteinization was fixed weekly. The protein adsorbs on the lens, and it will form coagulant substance for a long time, which is easy to scratch the cornea. The deproteinization function of enzyme tablet can decompose protein structure and maintain the cleanness of lens surface.

Liquid medicine also has a useful life. After the liquid medicine is unpacked, it is better to use it up or discard it for replacement within 4 months to avoid deterioration of the liquid medicine. After the normal saline is unsealed, the service life should not exceed 1 month because it does not contain preservatives.

Before wearing contact lenses, flush with saline. Because invisible potions are mostly chemicals, which are easy to cause irritation when worn directly on the eyes, it is better to wash them with physiological salt water before wearing them.

Contact lenses should not be immersed in liquid medicine for a long time. After a long time of immersion, the liquid medicine loses the ability of disinfection and becomes ordinary water, instead, it becomes a hotbed for bacteria.

Red eyes, it's better to take off contact lenses first. There are red eyes, photophobia, tears and other discomfort, it is best to take off the contact lens immediately, and take the contact lens to see a doctor together to see where there is a problem.

Replace the contact lens storage box regularly. Wash and clean the storage box every day, scald it with hot water every week, clean it with neutral detergent and dry it. Change the storage box about half a year. It's better not to put it in the bathroom to avoid mildew caused by humidity.

Health Tips

Contact lens potions of different manufacturers and brands cannot be used interactively

Each factory and brand of liquid medicine have different kinds and components, which can not be mixed or replaced at will, so as to avoid chemical reaction and damage to lenses and eyes. In fact, up to now, ophthalmologists believe that no contact lens solution has any side effects at all:

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