can dead crabs be eaten?

Crabs are not picky little cute, as long as it can reach the hands of it can not refuse to eat, even it also eat animal bodies. Although it's small, it has all five internal organs. Its delicious food has been heard for a long time. In the early days, it was offered as a tribute to the court. In the records of the whole country, its recipes were widely spread. Even where it's delicious and where it's fat, the ancients have studied it. It's a lesson and a discovery for the gourmets on the tip of the tongue. It is also recorded in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, because of its cold nature, it is often accompanied by ginger seasoning, so eating it will be better.

can dead crabs be eaten

And for aquatic food, you may pay more attention to the mutual restriction of food when eating, but here I want to say that the spread crab and tomato eating together before will produce Arsenic & hellip; It's a rumor, but a rumor is a kind of thing, but a letter has. Because of a small part of the psychological function, it may be more or less willing to believe it, but some rumor is also untenable and self defeating.

Today, I would like to say the same thing. Maybe it's related to the rumor in your mind, maybe it's not. Can you eat the dead crabs? I think you haven't eaten the dead crabs yet. Let's talk about a wake-up call first. But if I say that some people eat the dead crabs and are poisoned, do you believe it? Maybe you won't eat them. It's worth more. But the rumor is true. It may have something to do with one's physical fitness. But it's worth noting that seafood is mainly fresh, and the meat is delicious. If it's all dead and spoiled, it's not worth mentioning that it will affect the taste and hang water if you have diarrhea. Aquatic products are all in the same way. They are all delicious. It's better to eat them fresh.

can dead crabs be eaten

If you buy it alive and it doesn't take long to die, or it can be eaten if it's frozen in the refrigerator, but if it's thawed repeatedly, microorganisms will be produced, toxins and germs will be produced, so don't eat it. In order to be healthy and nutritious, seafood must be fresh.

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