Boys have shock when eating kiwifruit, and two kinds of people are not suitable to eat it

What fruit do you like to eat? Many people will say apple, watermelon and so on, but Xiaobian still likes kiwi fruit. Kiwifruit is also quite common. I believe many people like to eat kiwifruit as much as Xiaobian. Kiwifruit is very nutritious, but you know what? Not everyone can taste the delicious kiwifruit.

eating kiwifruit

No, recently, a 10-year-old boy was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment because he ate a kiwi fruit. So what's the matter? It's understood that the boy tasted a kiwi fruit after supper four nights ago. However, less than five minutes after eating, the boy began to have adverse reactions. At first, his mouth began to turn red, and he slowly developed a small rash. When this happened, his family thought it was just a simple allergy and didn't care about it. However, soon after that, the allergic reaction of the man began to be strong, and even his chest was stuffy and dizzy, and even his breathing was difficult for a time. The boy was then taken to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, the boy was in shock. According to the doctor's diagnosis, it was due to the allergy caused by eating kiwi fruit. Fortunately, it was finally cured after several days of treatment.

eating kiwifruit

Through the above events, we can see that kiwifruit is not eaten as soon as you want, at least a group of them are untouchable, and the boy is just one of them. Do you know those people who can't eat besides boys?

1. People with diarrhea

Did you know that one of the effects of kiwifruit is to facilitate defecation, while people who often have diarrhea themselves have frequent defecation. Once eaten, diarrhea will accelerate, so this kind of people are not suitable for eating.

eating kiwifruit

2. Women with great aunt

When your period comes to report, it's best to stay away from kiwifruit. Because kiwifruit belongs to the cold food, it is not good for the body to eat during menstruation, so menstruation is not suitable for eating.

In fact, kiwifruit is very popular. If you are not a person who often has diarrhea or your aunt has passed, there is no harm in eating more kiwifruit.

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