Can I have two meals a day?

People are used to having three meals with the day, but some people change their three meals with the day to two meals with the day inadvertently because they are in time for work. Even in some areas, the common custom is to have two meals with the day. These are unscientific dietary habits.

Because of the long time between meals, people are prone to hunger. When they eat, they will eat too much, which not only increases the burden of digestive organs, but also affects the absorption of nutrients. And two meals a day, but also make the stomach and hunger and satiety in the formation of stomach disease. Only three or four meals a day can make people keep a good appetite, and make the body absorb more nutrients.

have two meals a day
have two meals a day

It can be seen that since ancient times, the three meals system has been scientific and has a good effect on the digestive system, as well as the absorption and utilization of human nutrition. In daily life, it’s better to keep good habits, don’t rush and miss breakfast, and form a two meal system. Some regional customs are that those who eat two meals a day should eat food properly when they feel hungry. They should not be forced to support themselves, or they will cause stomach diseases. In a word, we should follow the scientific eating habits that our ancestors left us for thousands of years & mdash; and the three meals a day.

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