Why can’t we eat too much oil in our life?

With the improvement of people’s living standard, the dietary structure of our country has begun to increase the intake of protein and fat on the basis of the original vegetarian diet. Some people often add a lot of oil when cooking. Others prefer to eat fried, fried, barbecue and other dishes, although they don’t add too much oil when cooking. This will also make the body eat too much oil, which is an unscientific diet.

Because too much grease is added when cooking, the raw materials of dishes will be heated under the high temperature of oil. Originally, oil is seasoning, but now it has become a medium of heat transfer. High temperature damages the nutrients in raw materials, especially the loss of vitamins. Protein and inorganic salt will be affected by high temperature and lost. Such a one-sided increase in fat, but reduce the content of other nutrients, it is not worth it. Secondly, the high intake of fat in the diet may induce many diseases, such as obesity, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, etc. Therefore, the dietary principles of such patients are first of all low fat, low cholesterol and low sugar, and eat less animal fat and animal brain, liver, stomach and other foods with more cholesterol. Can choose vegetable oil and vegetable protein (soybeans, etc.), less fried food. In addition, patients with stomach disease or gastric ulcer should not eat food with more oil, because the heavy oil food is difficult to digest, so that the digestive fluid can not directly contact the food, resulting in fullness and dyspepsia after eating. And the original purpose of adding seasoning oil is to increase fragrance to achieve the purpose of attractive appetite. However, when cooking, there is too much grease, which will make people feel greasy and affect people’s appetite.

Through the analysis of the above aspects, we know that we need fat in our diet, but we can’t eat too much. Adults and days to eat all the food fat content of about 50 grams can be, otherwise it is too much, will be endless. Starting from people’s life practice, each person can take 7-8 grams of vegetable oil every day to meet the needs.

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