Can women do breast augmentation before marriage

Can women do breast augmentation before marriage? To answer this question, we have to start with the breast feeding function.

Breast's lactation function is realized by lactation of breast during lactation and discharge of mammary duct to the nipple. For those who require augmentation mammoplasty, their breast development is poor, some even flat breast, breast development is almost non-existent. This kind of people may have certain stimulation development after the mammary gland is affected by endocrine when they are lactating, but compared with those with better mammary gland development, their milk production is less, which is generally understood by people. There is a thick layer of pectoralis major muscle in the back of the breast. Augmentation mammoplasty is to use silicon capsule or salt water bag to replace the pectoralis major muscle of human breast. This kind of operation has no effect on the development and lactation of the breast. If the incision is selected in the armpit, the breast prosthesis will be implanted downward through the edge of the pectoralis major muscle in the armpit, and the mammary gland will not be affected at all; if the incision is selected in the areola, the incision will reach the rear of the pectoralis major muscle through the radial line of the inner mammary gland, and the impact on the mammary gland is also very small, because the vast majority of mammary glands are not damaged by surgery. Breast prosthesis and breast tissue are separated by pectoralis major muscle, so the composition and quality of the milk secreted are not affected. As for the fact that the nipple secretes silica gel, it's totally absurd.

Some people think that after the breast prosthesis implantation, the chest is fuller, and the breast compression in front of the pectoralis major will affect the development of the breast in the future. In fact, this feeling of chest swelling and tight skin only occurs within one month, and gradually subsides with shield. Because human skin, muscle and other tissues have certain elasticity, they will be soft and open slowly after extrusion, such as abdominal expansion during pregnancy.

For the sake of prudence, we require women who have breast augmentation to do the following:

(1) Choose a reliable hospital and a responsible professional physician.

(2) Have a certain understanding of the mechanism of the operation, have ideological preparation before the operation, as well as economic and holiday preparation (about a week).

(3) Unmarried women should not be too young for breast augmentation. It is better to decide the operation after the body is mature and the breasts are basically shaped (i.e. the breasts are still so small within 1-2 years).

(4) The breast prosthesis should be implanted behind the pectoralis major muscle in the operation of the unborn. Because some doctors may implant the breast prosthesis in the subcutaneous fat layer, or between the breast and the pectoralis major muscle, this way should be avoided as much as possible. It is better to remind the doctor before operation.

(5) Before breast augmentation, the size of breast prosthesis was selected. It is not suitable to choose too large, because in the future, when breast feeding, the breast will grow larger, the shape will be distorted, and there is no room for skin expansion.

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