How middle aged women face career crisis

After the age of 35, most of women’s energy and physical strength have declined. They are unable to cope with the fast-paced and high-pressure work and life. The aging of knowledge structure will also cause performance decline. In addition, with the development of flat structure of many enterprises, the number of management positions at the middle and lower levels has been greatly reduced, and many middle-aged women have lost the opportunity of further promotion in the organization. At this time, how should middle-aged women face it?

1. Treat career crisis with dialectical HR light. Objective analysis of the causes of the crisis, clear some problems, such as: what are your values and outlook on life, what impact on career development; what kind of work is suitable for the education and training received, etc.

2. confidence. Ginger is still hot and old. Women over the age of 35, with their rich experience, have become quite mature in understanding, handling affairs and dealing with people. Sometimes, age is a kind of capital. So don’t complain about the nature and the people, abandon yourself to despair, and believe that your experience, experience, ability, and expertise will be of great use.

At present, many enterprises regard age as a requirement of recruitment, mainly for two reasons: one is to conform to the trend; the other is to improve the recruitment effect. Quite a few of them don’t value age very much. Instead, putting forward the age bar is a test for over age job seekers. If you have the confidence and courage to show your ability and courage, you are likely to be hired with “extrajudicial feelings”.

3. Keep learning and improve your work ability. Actively participate in all kinds of learning or training that is helpful for career development. The age threshold is closely related to the personal gold content. The higher the personal gold content, the lower the age threshold.

4. Take precautions to find a good position for yourself in advance. In general, the higher the position, the looser the age requirement will be. Therefore, to strive for a higher position or master certain professional skills before middle age can effectively avoid the crisis in middle age.

5. Change the concept of career choice and go dancing on a different stage. Not all enterprises and industries are conforming to the age & threshold trend. Over age job seekers should expand, find jobs or start businesses to those enterprises or industries that value experience and experience. And strive to adapt to the new occupation, new environment, to the best state of mind into work.

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