Cautions and taboos of fasting

Fasting is a phased process. We should know how to do it step by step and pay more attention to that Fasting does not mean that we can’t eat anything during the fasting period. Although the process of fasting is very simple, there are many and complex matters and taboos that need to be noted. Here are some knowledge about this, so as to avoid everyone’s misunderstanding.

1. The food should be reduced slowly in the first few days, and the food should be mainly light food, vegetables and fruits. Don’t just lie down and don’t change your living habits substantially. You can do some exercise properly, but don’t be too violent. During this period, we should also avoid smoking, drinking, taking medicine, etc., because in this period, the contact area between various organs of the human body and the air is very large, and harmful substances are easy to invade the human body, deepening the harm to the body.

Cautions and taboos of fasting
Cautions and taboos of fasting

2. Don’t give yourself great psychological pressure during fasting, especially don’t treat yourself as a patient. If you feel that your body is not very fit, you can have a little rest. If you feel good, you can do exercise and take a walk. It’s better not to do things that force the brain to work, such as reading and watching TV, but listening to music is OK. During the period of fasting, you must pay attention to your body’s adaptation intensity. If you feel that your body is difficult to adapt, you should immediately resume eating, so as not to cause great harm to your body. You can drink some distilled water or purified water during the fasting period.

3. During the fasting period, you can take a small amount of cathartic and enema, which is more effective. In the process of execution, pay attention not to let their functions and effects overlap, and it is better not to use artificial reagents for cathartic.

4. Fasting therapy is a long-term process. We should not only insist on it, but also know how to prolong the time of fasting. Try to cut off food for one day, then cut off food for 3 & mdash; 4 days, then cut off food for about one week, and then cut off food for more than 10 days. What we should remind you is that if we want to cut off food for a long time, we must consult professionals to avoid mistakes and harm our health.

After the end of fasting, it is more important to resume eating, and the most important thing is not to let go of your appetite. If the cut-off time is short, you can eat some fruits and vegetables at the first meal. If the cut-off time is long, you should pay attention to it. After such a long rest, the digestive organs have become very weak, so we should give them a process of adaptation. The first meal should be mainly liquid food, and then gradually increase the amount of food. After a period of time, you can eat some other types of food. Slowly, we will not lose all our achievements.

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