Fast for a short time, arrange a self detoxification schedule for the body

Studies have shown that a proper short-term fast is good for women's health. It can not only detoxify and lose weight, but also maintain health. Therefore, the beauty loving female friend arranges a self detoxification schedule for her body, which can make the body better detoxify.

The body feels uncomfortable, and it is very clear that the toxins in the body are not discharged. After diet or exercise, it is still unable to make the body comfortable, and the toxins in the body are still unable to be discharged from the body. Then what should we do?

I don't know why, Yaya has been able to eat in the last week. Sometimes she wants to eat even if she's not hungry. After the dinner, she has to eat snacks constantly. Besides, she often eats a pile of snacks after a bowl of rice. But within a few days, ya ya, who was always full of energy, seemed to have changed her personality. She was listless and drowsy. She also began to make low-level mistakes when she never made mistakes in her work. Yaya is very aware that this is caused by a large amount of food in recent days, but almost no excretion. So she specially gets up early in the morning and walks to the company, but in addition to being tired, she can't relieve the constipation. Approaching the weekend, Yaya does not want to eat as much as she did a few days ago. Just in time, she wants to give her stomach a buffer time and decides to drink only boiled water instead of a grain of rice on Saturday. Unexpectedly, a miracle happened. She was constipated for half a day and began to defecate. In order to get the toxins out of the body faster, she insisted, although she was a little hungry. She squeezed two cups of fresh apple juice for herself in order not to let herself collapse. One day later, Yaya didn't get a grain of rice. After getting up the next day and defecating again, Yaya felt fresh and comfortable all over her body.

Waste generated by human metabolism, such as feces, urine, sweat and carbon dioxide, if not discharged in time and accumulated for a long time, will lead to head dizziness and gastrointestinal discomfort. For this reason, we might as well try to fast for a short time like Yaya, so as to give the body a full chance of detoxification.

Studies have shown that proper fasting is good for women's health. It can not only detoxify and lose weight, but also maintain health. Even though we don't eat like Yaya, if we can fast one day in a week, we can also get detoxification effect.

Fasting can stimulate the operation of the body's internal combustion hormone. Although it has always existed in the body, it is often in a dormant state, so it rarely plays its role. In particular, the daily total consumption of indigestible food is more likely to mask the efficacy of fat burning hormone. Fasting can stimulate fat burning hormone to consume fat, accelerate metabolism, expel toxin from the body as soon as possible, so as to achieve the effect of slimming and beautifying.

On the day when we are going to fast, we may as well drink a cup of boiled water after getting up in the morning, and then find something interesting to do, so as to divert our attention from eating. If we feel hungry, we can prepare a proper amount of juice for ourselves like Yaya, and drink it in different periods of time, so as to avoid low sugar headache caused by excessive metabolism caused by drinking boiled water completely. We should pay attention not to go to the snack stall during fasting, and try to go out during family meal time to avoid temptation. In addition, it should be noted that on the day before fasting, the amount of staple food should be reduced appropriately, mainly fruits and vegetables, so that all systems of the body can adapt during fasting. On the day after the end of fasting, we should also pay attention not to eat and drink violently, but to follow the principle of eating less and eating more. We should also pay attention to controlling the amount of staple food to give full play to the role of fasting.


From 5 to 7 p.m., many people are going to finish their day's work. At this time, the kidney meridians command, put down the work in hand, take off the shoes in the activity area, let the sole of the foot close to the ground, while the whole body is promoted upward, let the feet grasp the ground, adhere to 3 minutes, then it can effectively stimulate the kidney meridians, make the liquid circulation in the body smooth, and the toxin will be discharged soon.

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