Constipation problems that have to be raised in detoxification

Constipation has become a “little problem” for more and more people. It can not only prevent toxins from being discharged from the body, but also cause people’s skin to be gray, with spots, pimples, etc. it is an invisible killer of health and beauty. Therefore, in order to detoxify, first of all, we must expel the excrement in the body.

(1) Eat more coarse grains and root vegetables, and get enough food fiber.

The food fiber rich in coarse grain is a powerful tool for defecation and detoxification. In addition, burdock, carrot and other root vegetables are also rich in fiber content, so we should pay attention to increase the intake of coarse grains and root vegetables in our daily diet.

(2) Get plenty of water.

Water is also a sharp tool to soften the stool and ensure the smooth bowel. We should drink at least 7-8 cups per day (300 ml per cup). Of course, more than 8 cups is better, but not too much, so as to avoid the burden on the kidney. In all kinds of water, the best choice is 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ cold boiled water.

(3) Knead the abdomen to relieve constipation.

This method is to relax Qi and blood by simple massage, promote the tension and peristalsis of gastrointestinal smooth muscle, enhance the function of digestion and excretion, so as to facilitate defecation and detoxification.

(4) Laugh and relax.

When people are frightened or nervous, their mouth will be dry, their heart will speed up, and their intestines will stop wriggling. When we laugh, on the one hand, we shake our belly and massage the intestine, which can help digestion and prevent constipation; on the other hand, we laugh to relieve stress and tension, promote intestinal peristalsis and ensure intestinal smooth.

(5) Don’t let it go.

When food enters the mouth, the residue after digestion and metabolism shall be discharged within 8-12 hours. If the stool stays in the intestinal tract for a long time, the toxic substances and water in the stool will be absorbed by the intestinal wall, so that the toxic turbulence will be transported to other organs and tissues along with the blood. And the excrement that lacks moisture is too dry and hard, more difficult to discharge, very easy to have constipation.

(6) Exercise more.

For people with insufficient exercise, the intestinal peristalsis is also very slow, which makes the feces stagnant, thus hindering the intestinal smooth flow; for people with large exercise, the intestinal peristalsis is accelerated, which is not conducive to the feces stagnant and ensures the intestinal smooth flow.

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