If you want to expel the poison in your body, the bladder channel must be unblocked

If the toxin enters the human body, if it can’t be discharged in time, it is equal to burying a health hazard to the body. Now people also recognize the harm of toxins, so they are using all kinds of methods to detoxify, such as eating all kinds of health care products, washing intestines and even washing blood, which sounds terrible. It can be said that in order to detoxify, it can be said that “Eight Immortals cross the sea and show their own magic power”;.

In fact, each of us has its own detoxification system in our body. As long as we make good use of it, the toxins will be discharged smoothly. In this detoxification system, the effect of the bladder meridian of foot sun is the most obvious.

Bladder meridian is the longest one in the human body meridians. It starts from the Jingming point in the inner corner of the eye, ends at the point from the toe of the foot to the Yin point, passes through the kidney meridian of the foot Shaoyang, and circulates through the head, neck, back, leg and foot. It is symmetrical left and right, with 67 points on each side. It is the most one of the 14 meridians, with one main line and three branches.

Because of this, the bladder meridian has become the largest detoxification channel of human body, which is constantly transmitting evil poison. Let’s make a comparison. The bladder meridian is like a city’s various sewage pipes, collecting the sewage from various gold industries and houses, and finally collecting it to the bladder for discharge. Therefore, in order to expel the poison in the body, the bladder meridian must be unblocked.

The bladder channel from yinmen point to Weizhong point is very important. Because this is an important way to check the degree of accumulation of toxins in the body, there are two pathways through the bladder, where the accumulation of toxins is the most. If it is difficult to gather poisons and disperse them, there will be swelling in the body; if it is common here, then cancer will not grow, and evil diseases will not become. So it’s really a place to live and live. It’s not unknown. Weizhong point is an important point on the bladder meridian. It can discharge but not be supplemented. It can be needled but not moxibustion. Why? Because this acupoint is the outlet of detoxification. So it is usually the first choice for pricking blood.

What simple and easy method can help to open this section of meridians?

We can use massage from top to bottom to dredge this section of meridians. When massaging, the acupoints have a good pain effect, usually the closer to the foot, the less pain, so you should repeatedly massage this meridian. When pinching the outside of the little toe with the fingernail to the Yin acupoint is painful as acupuncture, the bladder channel is opened. Then massage regularly to keep this one unblocked.

The best time to stimulate Bladder Meridian should be 3-5 p.m., when bladder meridian is in charge, when the Qi and blood of bladder meridian is the most vigorous. If you can massage and dredge the Qi and blood at this time, it has a very healthy effect on human body. Especially the bladder meridian or a meridian that can reach the brain, so Qi and blood can easily be transmitted to the brain, so at this time, whether it is learning or working, the efficiency is very high.

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