Constipation should not be treated by taking medicine

Constipation is a common disease, many people think that the disease should be treated with medicine, in fact, this understanding is wrong, constipation should not be treated with medicine.

Because constipation is caused by less dietary fiber intake, slow gastrointestinal peristalsis and decreased digestive function, which is characterized by dry stool and poor defecation. If you take some defecation drugs, although it can relieve constipation symptoms in a short period of time, it can not fundamentally change the function of the stomach and intestines, and it can not cure constipation. On the contrary, it will cause the loss of nutrition due to abnormal defecation, which is easy to lead to malnutrition.

Therefore, the treatment of constipation, medication is only a stopgap, and can not cure constipation, it is best to start from the daily diet.

Warm tips of Food City

The treatment of constipation is as follows:

Eat more food with more dietary fiber every day: eat more than 500g of fresh vegetables

After dinner, abdominal massage and physical exercise can be used to promote gastrointestinal movement and gastric secretion;

In general, we should form good habits of defecation to ensure the smooth flow of stool.

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