Watch out for “diarrhea in refrigerator”

The principle of food storage in refrigerator is that it slows down the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, but it can not kill bacteria and all kinds of microorganisms. Although at 10. Most of the microorganisms below C grow slowly, but some of them can survive or even reproduce at low temperature. Therefore, improper storage temperature, high food temperature, or cross storage of raw and cooked food will affect the refrigeration effect and reduce the “insurance factor” of the refrigerator;.

The temperature of the refrigerator’s cold room is generally between 4-10 ℃. After the food is taken out of the white refrigerator, it needs a gradual heating process, from 4-40. C is just the most suitable temperature for bacteria to reproduce. Gradually heating is equal to creating a good environment for bacteria to reproduce. Once people eat leftovers that are not thoroughly heated, they will not have diarrhea. Therefore, we must put an end to the occurrence of “diarrhea in refrigerator”, and store the processed food reasonably.

(1) Put a thermometer in the refrigerator to keep the temperature between 4 ℃ and 10 ℃.

(2) During storage, the food should be separated from raw and cooked, and packed with fresh-keeping box or film respectively to avoid cross contamination.

(3) The cooked food should be stored when it is cooled to room temperature. The longer it is stored at room temperature, the more dangerous it is.

(4) The food taken out from the refrigerator should be heated after indoor temperature change, and the heating time should be more than 15 minutes.

(5) The storage time of food should not be too long. The food that needs to be stored for a long time should be placed in the freezer.

(6) Always clean the refrigerator and keep it clean.

Don’t store too much food in the fridge at one time, otherwise it will affect the flow of cold air in the fridge, and make the bacteria inside the food grow and multiply, causing rotten deterioration. In addition, if the food is stored too much, it will increase the burden of the refrigeration system of the refrigerator, making its load heavier, which is not good for protecting the refrigerator and prolonging its service life.

Food City tips

Keep food in moderation in the refrigerator. If there are too many foods to store, you should increase the number of refrigerators or replace them with larger ones to avoid the phenomenon of “little horse pulling big cart”.

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