Cumin mutton, the fresh and tender taste of prairie, without any fishy smell

Cumin mutton is the traditional way of prairie. The combination of soft and tender mutton and natural spices splashes out fragrance in the mouth, making people feel as if they are in the blue sky and white clouds of prairie. Cumin can remove the fishy smell of meat, make the meat soft and tender, make the strong fragrant particles appetizing, and regulate the spleen and stomach to remove rheumatism.

The material of mutton is the most important, fresh mutton is the best, the fat is evenly distributed, the taste is tender and elastic. In addition, the whole cumin is needed, which is more rich than the seasoning ground into powder. A handful of coriander embellishment, let cumin mutton have rich layer taste. It’s very simple. According to these three steps, everyone can make delicious mutton.

Cumin mutton

The method of cumin mutton

1. The authentic fresh mutton will have a little fishy smell, creating a special taste of mutton. Cut the mutton into small pieces along the texture, add a small spoon of tender meat powder and half an egg into the bowl to lubricate it. After grasping it evenly, sprinkle starch on the surface, and finally pour sesame oil on it. Wrapping the pulp can increase the water content in it, so that the mutton will not grow old when fried.

Cumin mutton

2. Put the meat slices into a 50% hot oil pan separately, and put the palm on the top of the pan to feel the heat. When the meat surface changes color, remove it immediately to keep the moisture in the meat. It’s better to operate with a big leak net. When the oil temperature recovers, fry again, so that the meat won’t be too greasy.

Cumin mutton

3. Leave the bottom oil in the pan and fry the mutton. Sprinkle with chili powder, cumin, salt and pepper to get out of the pan. Put a layer of coriander foam on the plate, which can fully absorb oil and make it more delicious. There is no fishy smell but the unique taste of mutton.

The aroma of cumin mutton is diffuse, and the granules are especially exciting when they burst in the mouth. And it’s very convenient to make. It doesn’t take half an hour to make a dish of cumin mutton. Mutton has the effect of nourishing and replenishing qi. It’s the best to eat in autumn and winter, which can make people feel warm.

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