Delicious food can not be without the credit of magic condiment, but it is not suitable for a class of women

Female friends who are good at cooking and know how to cook some delicious food may know that if they want to make some delicious and appetizing food, they often need to put some special seasonings or condiments in some food, so as to increase the taste and taste of food;

But Xiaobian needs to remind some female friends today that you can eat such seasonings and condiments without any taboo in normal times. But if you have children in your stomach, you must be careful to eat these foods.

the credit of magic condiment

Like flavorings like MSG

MSG may have many sexual friends who like to put a little bit into the food when cooking, and even some similar condiments like chicken essence. Many times, after adding such condiments, the taste of the food will be more sweet and delicious;

But maybe female friends need to know about the composition of monosodium glutamate. Another name of monosodium glutamate is sodium glutamate. Such a substance will often lead to a large amount of consumption and discharge of zinc in the body of female friends after entering the body of female friends; For some female friends who are raising their children, zinc deficiency may be harmful to the development of the fetus;

Like some seasoning

Do many female friends often use the ingredients such as star anise, cinnamon and anise for seasoning when they cook meat or vegetables? After adding such seasoning, some meat food will be more fragrant and have some good health effects;

However, pregnant women are also not suitable to eat too much of this kind of food, because these seasoned food often lead to constipation problems, which may affect the female friends to have a baby and foster.

Therefore, with regard to the above condiments, pregnant women need to eat as little as possible in pregnant women.

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