Do you always like something “frozen” in summer?

Maybe when it comes to summer, many female friends will think of frozen watermelon, iced beer, iced drink and a series of food and things with the word “ice” or giving you a cold feeling;

But in fact, although we should pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling in summer, sometimes it is against the law of seasons to pursue some cool enjoyment and create cool conditions with the help of more and more advanced technology. Sometimes we should let ourselves be “hot and hot” in summer;.

 "frozen" in summer

For example, use hot tea instead of iced drinks

Maybe it’s something that some female friends can’t even imagine and don’t want to do, because you always think, psychosis, isn’t it hotter to drink that kind of hot tea in summer? Who can drink it? In fact, it’s not so. You may often feel that your body will sweat after drinking some hot tea or hot water, so you think This is the expression of heat; in fact, drinking hot water can help you to dissipate the heat inside your body, and the heat inside your body will be discharged in the form of sweat, which is the real cooling and heat dissipation;

For example, to replace a cold bath with a warm bath

After a day’s work, I feel that my whole body is almost scorched, and my body is always hot and sweaty. At this time, many female friends like to take a cool and comfortable cold bath to make themselves happier and relieve the body’s heat. However, in fact, such behavior is also extremely harmful to the body. You can compare the human body to a machine, and when the machine is running hot, what do you think if you pour a bucket of cold water on it? Therefore, in fact, although the weather is hot in summer, it is recommended to use warm water close to the body temperature for bathing, and pay attention not to bathe with sweat, or it may also hurt the body.

Therefore, in summer, female friends may wish to pay attention to these two points and change your life style, which may make your body feel more comfortable and healthy in summer.

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